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Dookie Dog Back Story

Creating Dookie Dog has been quite the journey. The idea started a few years ago. My daughter and I started talking about a fun game we wanted to create. It would include all these fun animals and creatures. They would look silly, do funny things, and be interactive. Those talks turned into a project that was worked on most nights and weekends there after. We did everything on our own. From programing to sound effects and music. We went through many versions. The initial ones were very basic. Over time we kept upping our game. I wanted to have a very high quality of graphics. I wanted to game backgrounds and foregrounds to be bright, interactive where possible, and fun.

Now comes the next step in our journey, marketing. We are not business savvy at all. So we have a new area to learn about. I am hoping we can get Dookie Dog out to those who would enjoy it. We have many new ideas we would love to develop next but that all depends on if we can generate downloads for Dookie Dog.

Dookie Dog is based on a real dog named Canolie. Canolie is a rat terrier. Here are a few pictures of Canolie AKA Dookie Dog. canolie AKA Dookie the dog.

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